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TicketSocket’s white label ticketing platform has seen a significant increase in existing and new direct business as it continues to grow at a rapid pace with more and more companies looking to go direct and sign up for a white label ticketing system. The ticketing space as a whole has continued to evolve at an accelerated pace over the last five years. To streamline and refine the company’s continued growth, Kai Blache will step up from VP of Finance to run daily operations as President of the Company. Blache will assume all day to day responsibilities and will lead the charge on optimizing profitability as well as overall corporate management tasks.

This will also allow Mark Miller to migrate himself away from day to day operations and step down as CEO to remain focused on his core strengths. Miller mentions “The Ticketing sector has experienced innovation on several fronts and I am excited to see where both the Ticketing, Transactional, and Fintech industries can go by leveraging new technologies that are readily available today that just weren’t around even a few years ago.”

With a passion for creating and building cross-functional new technologies, Miller has always attempted to foresee the future of the industries he has worked within by immersing himself in all aspects. As new technologies and transactional artificial intelligence emerge, Miller is excited to see where the industry goes as he hands the reigns of their successful White Label platform and its loyal clientele to Kai Blache. Miller states, “I intend to give back to the industry by continuing to innovate new technology that can benefit everyone in the transactional space as a whole.” “TicketSocket was founded in 2012 with a focus on giving back control to event and venue management companies. TicketSocket has grown over the years to one of the most well-known white label ticketing providers in the space, and its rapidly growing user base will only continue to grow while offering now, even more, innovation and control to the organizations it powers.

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